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  • Interim management provider with over 200 managers


CRO Management

  • CRO Management
  • Restructuring as an organ


ESUG as an organ

  • Continuation of operations
  • Self-administration as an organ


CENTUROS Management GmbH emerged from CONZIMA GmbH, which was founded 20 years ago by Dr. Manfred Ziegler and was a pioneer with regard to restructuring via active CROs in Germany. The company helped to restructure the Rhönsprudel Group during a severe crisis, for example, which has now become one of the most profitable beverage companies in Germany.

PROVIDER for temporary management

We can provide crisis-tested, assertive managers for the 1. management level for the following positions:

  • CEO Chief Executive Officer, (interim) manager
  • CRO Chief Restructuring Officer, restructuring management
  • CFO Chief Financial Officer, financing and controlling
  • CSO Chief Sales Officer, focus on sales and marketing
  • CIO Chief Information Officer, Head of the company’s IT
  • Chief Technical Officer, technical manager, head of production

„We can assume temporary responsibility for individual functions or business areas, or even the management of entire companies. This can involve executive board or senior manager positions as well as authorized representatives.
Our CRO’s can support you temporarily as well as during long-term projects.

Our goal is to remove existential threats to the company and establish the basis for a positive realignment. Our CRO’s help you to restore the competitiveness of your company.“

We provide top managers with operational experience, geared towards your individual company situation. In doing so, we can choose from a pool of more than 200 hand-picked professionals.

CRO Management

The demands placed on CRO’s have risen significantly over the past few years and are now multi-complex.

  • Multi-complex means the CRO not only has maintain control over the „figures“, but must also be able to diagnose, adjust and further develop business models.
  • Adjusting and further developing business models are traditional management activities, which first and foremost require leadership
  • Leadership is inseparably linked to the design and implementation of processes, with the guidance and addressing of employees, and with charisma and competence.
  • Competence not only refers to understanding the „product“, but also, and first and foremost, to understanding the business model and the further development of this.
  • CRO’s should – and successful CRO’s are able to –  feel at home in different sectors, branches of industry or organizations.
  • CRO’s have extensive networks, both on the financial side as well as in business communities, in the tax and economic sectors, and legal and insolvency sectors, and they know how to work within these areas.
  • The market for CRO’s will continue to grow, because „traditional consulting“ without the ability to implement anything will become obsolete over the short to medium term.
  • CRO’s are logicians on the one hand, and on the other emotional people with outstanding sensory capabilities, who can also react appropriately to changing moods.

A CRO creates benefits for all everyone involved in your company and can achieve a lot more than a normal consultant. Our 200 CRO´s are hand-picked, in order to ensure they match the wide variety of requirements for these key positions.

ESUG as an organ

In situations where restructuring is no longer possible without going to court, we help you to utilize the new possibilities provided by insolvency law, self-administration or insolvency protection proceedings (§§270a and 270b Insolvency Act) in order to ensure maximum control and value retention for all involved.

This process has the advantage that the company can continue to manage itself during the crisis.

With regard to self-administration, the management of the company does have rights and obligations that are similar to those of an insolvency administrator. As the experience of most managers does not cover the area of insolvency, self-administration is often only accepted by creditors and courts if the management of the company is supported by a consultant with restructuring experience.

Depending on creditor requirements, this can be implemented in the form of an organ or authorized representative. CENTUROS Management can provide recognized specialists for both types with experience in many procedures, who will ensure a successful restructuring together with you.

This procedure not only has the advantage that self-administration is recognized by creditors and courts and is thus capable of realization, but the handover of insolvency-specific tasks to the CRO also reduces the burden placed on managers, who can then focus on the important and, above all at such times, extensive tasks related to the maintenance of and changes to operative business.

We are restructuring consultants that are recognized by creditors, courts and administrators, who can assist you with the restructuring of your company in the scope of self-administration and insolvency protection proceedings as CRO / organ.