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Maintain values – create leeway for action.
A lack of alternatives is something that does not exist for us. Our primary goal is always to create action alternatives, in order to secure or put you back in the driving seat. We support you during operative restructuring, procure capital and bring in your stakeholders for the purpose of participation. Wherever possible, we help to avoid insolvency proceedings and the associated destruction of values.
Among other things, we also prepare restructuring reports in accordance with standard IDW S6, in order to establish the formal prerequisites for enabling your financing partner to provide further funding, even in difficult situations. We are known by relevant credit institutions as a reliable and independent restructuring consultant, and are often recommended.
In situations where restructuring is no longer possible without going to court, we help you to utilize the new possibilities provided by insolvency law, self-administration or insolvency protection proceedings (§§270a and 270b Insolvency Act), in order to ensure maximum control and value retention for all involved.
If required and requested, we can support you as an external body during an procedure, in order to establish trust and reduce your risks. For this purpose we have a pool of 200 hand-picked interim managers, from which we choose the most appropriate for your requirements.
We have numerous international contacts and can help you, even in times of crisis, to find a suitable investor, who will help your company to obtain financing and thus assist you in retaining our independence.

„We are convinced that successful restructuring not only needs a concept, but also financing and professional implementation via experienced crisis managers. This is why we have established a unit that can offer consulting as well as financing and management from a single source.“


Customers can be serviced without any difficulty through 3 locations in Greater Berlin, Frankfurt Hamburg. Nothing is as valuable as time during periods of crisis. With our 21 professional employees and 200 available interim managers we are able to put massive forces into action, even for larger briefs.

North / East:

Kurfürstenstraße 6
14467 Potsdam


Große Elbstraße 59
22767 Hamburg


Beethovenstraße 12 – 16
60325 Frankfurt am Main

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